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DATA : 05/09/2023
HORA: 19:00
LOCAL: Barra do Bugres
Baniwa myths: the mythical universe at the Municipal Indigenous School Pe. Ezequiel


Baniwa people; mythology; territory, indigenous and intercultural school education.


GRANDE ÁREA: Ciências Humanas
ÁREA: Educação
SUBÁREA: Ensino-Aprendizagem
ESPECIALIDADE: Teorias da Instrução

This research is ethnographic in nature and was carried out with the Baniwa peoples of the Aruak linguistic trunk, located in the region of the Içana river, a tributary of the Negro river, in the municipality of São Gabriel da Cachoeira, state of Amazonas, tri-border region between Brazil, Colombia and Venezuela. This is a research called participant observation, in which the researcher, a member of the Juivitera indigenous community, was present in loco. As for the procedures, it is of a qualitative nature as it proposes a detailed description of the reality experienced by the Baniwa people with their mythological narratives pregnant with an ancestral and millenary symbology. From the point of view of data collection that underpins this investigation, the field research technique was used, in which photographic records were made, listening to narratives, informal conversations, semi-structured interviews with teachers, elders, leaders, reporting their experiences and grounded experiences in the Baniwa and Coripaco culture. The narratives that support the theoretical and methodological framework of this dissertation are based on the version of the ancestry of the Fratria Onça/Dzawinai told in the voice of the so-called Liedawieni native consultants: Roberto Paiva, Maximiano Paiva, Valentim Mandú (inmemorian), Vigico Juarez, Graciliano Paiva, as well as in works written by Luciano (2013), Weigel (2000), Garnelo (2003), in which the sacred Baniwa territories are described, their eternal dwellings, their rivers, waterfalls, creeks, and their social and marriage relationships their own, finally their rituals and ceremonies, which make reference to the primordial times of the birth of humanity. The general objective of the research is to register and deepen the ancient (ancestor) Baniwa knowledge (knowledge) in the context of traditional Baniwa education in its relations with non-indigenous knowledge that transits in the context of schooled (formal) intercultural education. The specific objectives are to understand the concept and importance of myths for the lives of the Baniwa people in their daily lives on Earth; To analyze the extent to which Baniwa Indigenous schools value Indigenous knowledge. I believe that the contribution in terms of research consolidation consists in the elaboration of the pedagogical material elaborated from the narratives collected from the elders and elders of sib Liedawieni from the Onça phratry (Dzawinai) of the Juivitera/Paitsipe indigenous community, students, teacher of the Indigenous school Municipal Fr. Ezequiel and students and teachers from the Jerusalem municipal Indiegna school in the Itacoatiara Mirim community km 10 on the road to Camanaus and Baniwa teachers.

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