Banca de DEFESA: Waraxowoo'i Mauricio Tapirapé

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DISCENTE : Waraxowoo'i Mauricio Tapirapé
DATA : 15/12/2022
HORA: 08:00
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Distinct Apyãwa words: teaching from comics


Masculine and feminine words; distinct words; Know Apyãwa; Appreciation of language and language.

GRANDE ÁREA: Lingüística, Letras e Artes
ÁREA: Lingüística

The purpose of this work is to present the importance of using masculine and feminine words to maintain Apyãwa linguistic epistemologies, as a symbol of the cultural and linguistic resistance of the community, with regard to knowledge and about social organization, songs, communication, traditional festivals, rituals and connection with the supernatural world, according to Apyãwa cosmological explanation. As the sages of the community say, in the concentration of our knowledge, there is the knowledge that we share and experience, in a special way, during all the periods of our experience in a relationship with our millenary knowledge. Communication among the Apyãwa revolves around the movement of knowledge, which occurs through signs and symbolic manifestations, interpreted by us as cosmic languages. These are languages that, in a way, guarantee the identity of the male and female sexes, with the Apyãwa being. This work therefore brings a set of reflections on the use of the masculine and feminine word, on linguistic knowledge, interpreted from the flow of the Apyãwa social discourse, which expresses knowledge produced from different ways of living. Interviews were carried out with wise men, with some teachers from the Apyãwa villages, in addition to participating in some workshops and seminars, also in cultural activities in the village, school activities, participation in night conversations at Takãra, where subjects and problems related to the people and their knowledge as Apyãwa. A documentation of masculine and feminine words of the Apyãwa mother tongue "Tapirapé" will be made, which are taught by parents, and within the family, which will be made available for the exclusive use of the community school, as the pedagogical teaching product, aimed at strengthening of the masculine and feminine words Apyãwa. This research intends, therefore, to investigate the methodologies used or approached by the Apyãwa teachers for the students of different grades, to create a path that meets the demand of inclusion of the teaching of masculine words and feminine words in the State Indigenous School "Tapi'itãwa", and thus recover the strengthening and valorization of the own identity of knowledge, and of the Apyãwa people, in the context of the use of the mother tongue.


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