The Graduate Program in Teaching in intercultural indigenous context provides for the fulfillment of 360 hours, and the duration of the same is at least 14 (fourteen) months and should not exceed 24 (twenty-four) months, including the preparation and defense of dissertation.

The programme consists of compulsory and specific subjects for training at professional master's level, grouped in the area of concentration of
program, subdivided into two lines of research "Teaching, Teaching and Interculturality" and "Teaching and Languages in Intercultural Context".
Among the disciplines of the program, 4 (four) are mandatory and 2 (two) are optional, the latter chosen in a set of 11 (eleven) disciplines

To complete the course, the student must attend at least 36 credits (24 discipline credits and 12 dissertation credits). Since the
compulsory subjects constitute the minimum necessary for qualification and are taught in the first and second semester of graduate students. Such
compulsory disciplines are common to both lines. On the other, the specific disciplines to be taken should include the dissertation to be developed.


Indigenous candidates (with proof of accordance with current legislation) with prof of
completion of higher education or official declaration stating that it is academic at the conclusion of any degree course.All disciplines of the Stricto Sensu Graduate Program in Intercultural Indigenous Education (PPGECII), at master's level will be developed primarily at the University Campus of Barra do Bugres, of UNEMAT - University of the State of Mato Grosso, under the concentrated form or throughout the semester.




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Coordenação do Programa


    Telefone/Ramal: (65) 3361-6466

    Telefone/Ramal 2: Nenhum conteúdo disponível até o momento

    E-mail: ppgecii@unemat.br


    Telefone/Ramal: Nenhum conteúdo disponível até o momento

    Telefone/Ramal 2: Nenhum conteúdo disponível até o momento

    E-mail: Nenhum conteúdo disponível até o momento

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